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Why You Need Travel Insurance for Studying Abroad

The fall semester is coming up, and many students are preparing for a semester or year abroad. They’re booking flights and learning new languages and making travel plans. However, most students don’t prepare for insurance, which can hurt them in the long run. If you’re considering travel insurance for studying abroad, it’s a great way [...]

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What Is Travel Insurance?

Summer is right around the corner, and many people are planning their summer trips. Whether you’re planning a vacation to Disney World with your family or you’re going backpacking around Europe, travel insurance is something that you should add to your travel budget. It has many benefits and can protect you when unexpected things happen [...]

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Do You Need Travel Insurance?

Planning a trip can be an exciting time as you look for new destinations to explore and new food to try. But did you add travel insurance into planning your trip? Many people don’t think they need travel insurance for just a quick family vacation or business trip and many people don’t know that travel [...]

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Why Students Going Abroad Need Travel Insurance

With fall right around the corner, many college students will be considering a semester abroad. These experiences are unique and unforgettable, but they should be so for the right reasons. If the thrill of learning and adventure calls you to explore other countries, it’s vital to consider Philadelphia travel insurance for medical coverage. During the [...]

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