One of the easiest ways to help protect the ones you love is to have adequate Life Insurance. It is the foundation of a strong financial plan.

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Some of the things to think about when considering life insurance plans are:                             

-paying off your mortgage

-paying for children’s education

-ensuring your business outlives you

-having extra retirement benefits before you retire

-tax planning

-estate planning

Buy/Sell Agreements    

We can help with that.
As Independent Life Insurance Agents, we help you decide whether
term, whole life, or universal life insurance plans are right for you.
After choosing the right product,  we quote products from many companies and present you with life insurance rates for life insurance policies to help you decide on the product. We compare products’ benefits, and price from only the highest rated companies.
So let’s talk about life insurance!

As your life changes, so should your Life Insurance policy. Life Insurance is a solid investment in any economic climate and it’s a smart, thoughtful way for you to take care of your loved ones. Does your life insurance plan provide you with the right coverage for your life today? If you haven’t thought about life insurance in a while, your policy may be letting you down. That’s why a life insurance review is so important! When we sit down with our clients and discuss their changing lives, we are in a better position to determine if their needs and the needs of those they love are still being met. There are many life events that can trigger a need for a change in your policy:
Income – Have you been promoted? Changed jobs? Retired? Received an inheritance?
Family – Has there been a birth or an adoption? Have any children left home? Are there any grandchildren? Are you caring for an elderly parent?
Home – Have you purchased a new home or paid off a mortgage?
Marital Status – Has there been a marriage or a divorce?
Health – Did you lose weight, quit smoking, or have any positive changes in health recently? Or has there been a negative change which might make a conversion worth exploring?


Needs Analysis for Life Insurance

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The Hottest Trend right now is to offer a living benefits rider with your Term life insurance Plans.

This offers you the options to access a benefit in case of Heart Attack, Cancer, Stroke, or the need for LTC due to a Chronic Illness & Disability. These are built into the cost of the policy and are typically less expensive than if you add the stand-alone products onto a policy.

Whether shopping life insurance rates or looking for a great life insurance agent, let us help you!

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Life insurance can be the foundation of a strong financial plan, and can help you accomplish many planning objectives.

Consider your long-range financial goals. Without your contribution to the household, would your family have enough money to meet the goals you’ve set for your family’s future?

The truth is, it’s a struggle when you lose someone you love, but emotional struggles don’t need to be compounded by financial difficulties.
Life insurance products make it easy to put a plan in place to help safeguard your financial future should the unexpected happen.

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