Protecting the Comfort of Recovery

Have you considered what you would do if you or a loved one had an illness or accident that required limited rehabilitative care?

Continental Life Insurance Company of Brentwood, Tennessee (Continental Life)  have designed an affordable insurance plan that combines benefits for hospital stays with home care and registered nurse services. This policy provides important benefits so you can have a comfortable recovery. Your ChoicePlan benefits can help offset the deductibles and co-pays that you may have with other insurance plans. Plan benefits can even help with expenses incurred but not covered by other insurance. Benefits are paid in addition to any other coverage, including Medicare. And, when you choose a Continental Life insurance policy, you get the first class customer service, financial stability, and security that comes from being a member of the Aetna family of companies.

• This is not a Long Term Care Insurance Policy.
• This is not a Major Medical Policy.
• This policy may not cover all of your medical and health care expenses.
• This policy should not be purchased as a supplement to Medicare or Medicare related plans.


Home Care Brochure




Daily Hospital Indemnity:

This policy will pay a daily benefit for each day you are confined in a hospital for a covered sickness or injury with a lifetime maximum of 365 days. The base policy includes a minimum $10 daily hospital benefit. Additional coverage may be purchased in $10 increments up to the daily maximum of $150.

Available Daily Hospital Indemnity Benefit:

Issue Ages 50-89: $10 to $150

Home Care Indemnity:

This policy will pay the amount you choose per week for each week you receive three or more Practitioner Visits on separate days to provide medically necessary home care, not to exceed 26 weeks during any Period of Care. There is no limit to the number of Periods of Care.

□ $150/week □ $300/week □ $450/week □ $600/week □ $750/week

Registered Nurse Indemnity

In-Hospital Indemnity

When hospital confined, this policy will pay $30 per shift, maximum of two shifts per day (up to a total of $60), not to exceed 30 days per Period of Care, for the services of a private duty, graduate, or registered nurse. The services must be certified to be medically necessary by a doctor.

At-Home Indemnity:

This policy will pay $30 per shift, maximum of two shifts per day (up to a total of $60), not to exceed 30 days per Period of Care, if a doctor certifies that in-home services of a private duty, graduate, or registered nurse are medically necessary.

D e f i n i t i o n s
Home Care is any usual and customary service provided by the home health care provider including physical therapy,  
occupational therapy, speech therapy, home health aid and medical-social services. Practitioner Visit is personal contact
in the place of residence of a covered person by a licensed home health care  practitioner for the purpose of providing a
service that is reasonable and medically necessary for the treatment of a covered illness or a covered injury.
Place of residence does NOT include a hospital, nursing home, or a place that primarily treats alcoholics, drug addicts,  
the mentally ill or any other institution. Period of Care begins with the first day you require hospital confinement or 
medically necessary home health care because  of a covered injury or covered sickness. It ends when you have been out of
the hospital and do not require medically necessary  home care for a period of 180 consecutive days.