Because you care about your care

You can plan now for the level of care and comfort you deserve in case of an accident or illness that requires professional assistance and accommodations during recovery.
Continental Life Insurance Company of Brentwood, Tennessee (Continental Life), has designed an affordable insurance policy that includes benefits for nursing facility confinement stays, hospital stays, and registered nurse services. The policy has various benefit options to help provide the protection you need and give you peace of mind. When you choose to own a Continental Life insurance policy, you get the first class customer service, financial stability, and security that come from being a member of the Aetna family of companies.

Your choice means fewer worries and more time to focus on your care.
• Nursing facility indemnity pays $120 per day
• Hospital indemnity up to $150 per day (based on the benefits you choose)
• Registered nurse indemnity pays up to $60  per day for up to 30 days

Notice to buyer:

• This is not a Long Term Care insurance policy.

• This is not a Major Medical policy.

• This policy may not cover all of your medical or health care expenses.

• This policy should not be purchased as a supplement to Medicare or Medicare related health plans.

Nursing Care Facility Insurance Brochure


Policy benefits

Nursing facility confinement

Coverage includes benefits for all levels of Facility Care – skilled, intermediate, and custodial. Plan pays $120 nursing facility indemnity/per day (following the chosen elimination period).

Elimination period: 0-day 20-day 100-day

Benefit period: 90-day 180-day 360-day

Nursing Facility Care will pay the daily benefit for each day you are confined in a nursing facility after the elimination period until the end of the period of care. The total benefits, or any portion of the benefits used, renew when you have been out of the nursing facility for 180 consecutive days. There is no limit on the number of periods of care.  The benefits and premiums for this policy will vary based on the plan selected.

Daily hospital indemnity

The Basic Plan also pays $10.00 per day for each day you are confined in a hospital due to a covered injury or sickness up to the lifetime maximum of 365 days. You may select additional amounts up to $150.00 per day in $10.00 increments.

$ …………………… confinement/per day

Registered nurse indemnity

When you are confined in a hospital or nursing facility as a resident bed in-patient, Nursing Facility Care will pay $30.00 per shift, maximum of two shifts per day, (up to a total of $60.00), not to exceed 30 days per benefit period, for the services of a private duty, graduate, or registered nurse (R.N.). The services must be certified as medically necessary by your doctor.