We Help  Contractors Secure Bonds

Contractor bid, payment and performance bonds can be a difficult process for agents that do not specialize in this line. We have the expertise and markets to help.

Contract Express Program

For contractors with infrequent bond needs, our express program streamlines underwriting and requires only a credit check of the owners for contracts up to $350,000. We can typically approve these requests within 1 hour.

Large Bonds And Non-standard Accounts

For contractors with larger bond needs, our underwriters provide the expertise to guide clients through the process. We can approve bonds that have been declined by other markets utilizing tools like the SBA, funds control, or collateral.

No Fees For Service

We never charge fees for service items, administration, or other items that should be expected from your surety provider. Surety bond processing can be time-consuming, but we’ve built the technology to avoid the extra cost, passing the savings on to you our customer

Save Time, Let Us Do The Shopping For You.

Avoid duplicating your work. Complete one application and receive a competitive approval for virtually every credit situation or bond type.

Standard And Non-standard Markets

Receive the lowest pricing for your good credit, and approvals with competitive pricing, integrated premium financing, and more for those with challenged credit. We provide a solution for every situation.

Specialty Bonds.

We Help Customers with specialty bond needs like court and probate bonds, high-limit fidelity, 3rd party commercial crime, oil and gas, and other specialty markets.

Probate And Other Court Bonds

We can write all forms of probate and other bonds required by the courts. Our experienced underwriters work with all parties, including the attorneys, to make sure the process is simple.

Other Specialty Markets

Secure bonds of all types, including high-limit fidelity, 3rd party commercial crime, oil and gas plugging/reclamation, subdivisions, and more. Even if you’ve never heard of these bonds, we have you covered if you ever needs one.

Bonds In All 50 States

County, City And Township Bonds

Our bond library includes specific bond requirements for 1000’s of locally required bonds. We know the bond amount required, when the bond must be filed, and how to process the request. We have a quick search to find even the smallest town requirements.

No Hassle Payment Option

Automatic Payments

Simply provide a credit or debit card number on the application and the monthly installment is charged automatically every month. No more hassle with payment booklets.

Low Down Payments & No Interest!

We can finance premiums as low as $500 and spread the monthly payments out for up to 10 months with no interest! Compare our program to 3rd party financing which typically allows a maximum of 4 payments and APR’s in excess of 20%.

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