• Health Insurance Health Insurance usually provides either direct payment or reimbursement for expenses associated with illnesses and injuries.
  • Short Term Health  Plans – options that are affordable alternatives to the ACA plans
  • Association Health Plans – Become a member and it comes with many benefits including Medical Coverage as a great option
  • ACA Exempt Healthcare Plans– Lower Cost plans that offer Healthcare without the Fines
  • Travel Insurance – most plans don’t cover this – many options available
  • Personal Health Insurance “ACA Marketplace Experts” – We are expert direct agents for all types of Health Insurance including “Obamacare,”  short term plans, and limited benefit plans. We are subsidy experts. We offer 5 minute applications! We have enrolled thousands successfully. We have trained the experts.  One Page Health Insurance Application  Privacy Form
  • Dental/Vision Plans – Over 100 plans from many companies. Talk to us about your best options
  • Group Health Insurance Plans Group Insurance Plans are very complex but we simplify it for our clients. We can run free comparisons of your company plan to everything available in your area. Our customer service is excellent and we answer the phone for our clients.  For a limited time we will offer FREE HR software to any new group (a $500 value) that signs with us.
  • Self – Funding Employer Plans – Less expensive than traditional plans, great plans, and refunding $ for unused premiums. Learn More
  • Employer ACA Compliance Services – Our service offerings help you save on taxes, reduce your administrative workload, and lessen your liability, all at the same time
  • Employee Voluntary Benefit Programs – We Represent AFLAC and other companies for pre-tax employee benefits such as Group Life, Disability, Cancer, Accident, Dental, Vision and more.
  • Medicare Supplements/Advantage We’ve helped thousands of clients successfully navigate Medicare towards efficient and carefree decisions!  We offer all the options and WE MAKE MEDICARE EASY!
  • Accident/Critical Illness Plans Accident insurance pays benefits when you’re injured. The plans we offer can help pay for expenses that your health plan may not fully cover, like deductibles.
  • Auto Insurance  –  Purchasing car insurance seem simple enough but when you really start shopping, they can feel overwhelming. Our experts will simplify the process and help you learn more about the exclusions and limitations.
  • Home Insurance   –  Your home is your most valuable investment. Protect that investment with an insurance plans!
  • Umbrella Coverage – Our personal umbrella policy adds a crucial layer of asset protection above your insurance policy limits for accidents.
  • Business & Commercial Insurance   –  Our experts have helped numerous business owners to engineer policies that fits their needs. Contact us to help you find best financial protection in case your business is ever sued or held legally responsible for some injury or damage.
  • Special Event Insurance –  Our general liability event insurance program has the broadest coverage and lowest prices. 
  • Annuities Annuities are investment instruments which can be used by everyday individuals to guarantee financial stability and above-average returns.
  • Life Insurance One of the easiest ways to help protect the ones you love is to have adequate Life Insurance. It is the foundation of a strong financial plan. Some people say they can’t afford it before they even look. In reality they can’t afford to be without it. Talk to out experts in your home and protect your loved ones. Out experts will help get your family and business protected. New options include Long Term Care, Living Benefits, and tax free growth that makes this one of the best retirement investments you can ever make. Hundreds of options.
  • Final Expense – Simplified Issue, low cost, Fast approvals
  • Disability Insurance We can help you insure your greatest asset: your ability to earn an income. One in 5 people have a disability and every other person that buys this will use it at some point.
  • Long Term Care Insurance Long term care can destroy families and this insurance can protect the most difficult time in your life. We can help explain and simplify the process.
  • Short Term Care Insurance – Easy issue – Perfect add on for Medicare to help pay for care after Medicare and the Supplements stop paying.
  • Home Care and Nursing Home Care Insurance – A less expensive alternative to LTC
  • Pet Insurance – Say goodbye to Vet bills with PetPlan Insurance and get a 10% discount with code INS0709C
  • Surety Bonds– Experts in issuing Bonds of all types at competitive pricing

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