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Get protection from unexpected medical costs.

You’re cleaning out the gutters.  You know you have to be careful this high up, but somehow you missed one of the steps on the ladder and now you’re in the emergency room with a broken arm.
The doctor asks if you have insurance. You do, but you wonder how much your plan will pay for medical costs.
The doctor asks if you have accident insurance. You do.
Now instead of worrying about what your plan pays, you can focus on getting better. With accident insurance, you don’t worry about covering unexpected medical costs because your supplemental insurance will help fill in the gaps of your health plan coverage.

What is Accident insurance? Accident insurance pays benefits when you’re injured. The plans we offer can help pay for expenses that your health plan may not fully cover, like deductibles.
Plans include:
– Access to any doctor or hospital
– No network restrictions
– No waiting period to use your benefits
– No overall annual or lifetime limit
– No matter how many accidents you have
– Is Accident insurance right for me?
Simple plan options help you meet your needs and budget.

For adults through age 64 and a great solution for families
Cost doesn’t increase with age or the number of covered children
Easy to apply — just a few basic questions — no medical exam
THESE POLICIES PROVIDE LIMITED BENEFITS. These plans provide supplemental benefits, should not be used as a replacement for comprehensive medical coverage and do not meet Minimum Essential Coverage requirements.

Apply directly to the companies we represent:

UnitedHealthcare: Critical Illness Plan

Critical Illness Insurance 

Reduce the potential financial impact of a critical illness on your family and your future.
Why critical illness insurance?

  • Luckily, surviving a critical illness is becoming increasingly common with advances in medical technology. However, the costs of fighting these illnesses or keeping up with everyday bills can be more than most are prepared to deal with.
  • With supplemental critical illness insurance, you’ll receive a lump-sum cash payment upon diagnosis of a covered condition. If you have a health plan, critical illness insurance will provide benefits in addition to your other coverage.
  • Supplement your health plan
  • Critical illness insurance can help fill in gaps that your plan may not paycritical-illness-insurance
  • Deductible and coinsurance
  • Out-of-network costs
  • Travel to the best doctors and facilities
  • Other treatments that your plan may not cover
  • Stay on top of everyday expenses
  • Use the cash to pay for everyday expenses while you’re focusing on getting well: lost income, mortgage
  • Household bills Gas and food
  • Compare critical illness insurance plans
  • We offers two different types of supplemental critical illness insurance plans: Term Life-Critical Illness insurance and Cancer and Heart/Stroke insurance.
  • Each plan pays cash benefits to help you pay for expenses, but the plans cover different conditions and offer different benefit levels.
    • Term Life-Critical Illness
    • Cancer and Heart/Stroke
    • Visit any doctor or hospital — no network restrictions.  Lump-sum cash payment to help you pay out-of-pocket health care costs and other everyday bills. Plan limitations and exclusions These plans, Term Life-Critical Illness Insurance and Cancer and Heart/Stroke Insurance, include limitations and exclusions and are subject to pre-existing condition limitations.  Coverage for Term Life-Critical Illness insurance will be terminated and your premium returned if you are diagnosed with cancer within 90 days (30 days in IL and MD) of your plan effective date or any other condition due to sickness is first diagnosed within 30 days of your plan effective date.