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No more marketplace in PA and NJ for 2021. Pennsylvania will have its own exchange, “Pennie.” Open enrollment starts Nov 1. It will be extended until Jan 15 because of the expected confusion.

At Insurance Shops, we are ready to help everyone make the conversion and transfer their plans from to Pennie for you. Let us handle this with one short call. We will then be able to help you all year long if issues arise. Call now to book your 5-10 minute phone appointment to get this done.

Seniors: Medicare Open Enrollment starts Oct 15. There are many changes for 2021 to consider. Our experts make Medicare easy for you. We will help you pick the best plan for next year. Our Medical Experts help you choose the correct drug plan while helping you meet your health needs and financial goals. We offer most annuities without the fees. Annuities offer great rates with no risk of loss. We have saved clients thousands of dollars. We are a true FREE enrollment center and do not charge you for our services. Call now to book your open enrollment review appointment and ask for a free financial review from our unbiased experts.

A fellow reader called us last week to review their Auto and Home policies. They now have slightly better coverage and saved over $2000. What are you waiting for? Let us quote your policies and you can start saving too.

We help many business owners by reviewing their business insurance and saving them thousands. Our system can complete quotes in about 15 minutes for General Liability, workers comp, and special events coverage. We also can issue lowest cost surety bonds quickly.

We now offer group health benefits with a net zero cost using tax benefits. Groups now enjoy wellness, life, disability, accident, and a cancer plan at no net cost because of tax breaks. Let us show you how you can offer these benefits to your employees.