What to Know About Homeowners Insurance in Philadelphia

Purchasing a home is a big moment in your life. Maybe it’s your very first home with a spouse, or maybe you purchased a bigger home as your family started growing. Regardless of why you purchased your home, it’s a big investment and you’ll want to protect it from damage. That’s where homeowner’s insurance comes in. It will provide security to your home and belongings and keep you protected. If you need homeowners insurance in Philadelphia, Insurance Shops is here to help you get the best insurance for your needs.

Types of homeowners insurance in Philadelphia

When comparing homeowners insurance, there are a few different coverages to consider. We have:

  • Coverage A – It covers all dwellings. It provides protection for your home and any of the structures attached.
  • Coverage B – This covers other structures that people do not live in. This will cover the structures other than your home located on your property, like a garage or shed.
  • Coverage C – This covers your personal property. Personal property includes all the contents of your home such as furniture, appliances, clothing, and other valuables.
  • Coverage D – This coverage is for loss of use. It will provide coverage for your additional living expenses when you have “lost” use of your home. If your home was damaged in a fire or snowstorm and if you have to live in a hotel while everything is repaired, those costs are covered.

Coverage also differs in areas where different natural disasters occur. For example, not all coverage includes flooding if you live in an area with a low flood risk. Check to see what is and isn’t covered in a plan before purchasing.

Homeowners insurance in Philadelphia can also include protection against personal liability and medical payments to others, such as a guest in your home who gets injured. Insurance will pay court fees and medical payments associated with the injuries a guest incurs on your property, even if no personal injury suit is filed.

Purchasing homeowners insurance

If you are interested in having your home and assets protected with homeowners insurance in Philadelphia, Insurance Shops is here to help to get you the right coverage for your home and belongings. Contact us today for your free quote.