Help us help YOU save a lot of money!

Medical – Lost your job? Income down? We can lower your premiums. Big subsidies are NOW available to help you pay for health insurance. DO NOT CANCEL your existing plan because you cannot afford it. Call us first to apply subsidies and lower your payments. New low-cost, short-term plans are also available. Employers can cut their premiums with a few simple, smart moves right now. Do not risk everything you have by not having coverage – get covered now. We are open and helping many people and business owners every day. Some alternative plans pay you cash for a diagnosis and every test, doctor visit, hospital stay, etc. Dental/Vision plans are also available.

Auto/Home Insurance In order to quote auto/home rates from the many companies we deal with, we ask for your current declaration page. That way we know our prices are better for the SAME coverage, and you don’t find out later that you only saved because the coverage was less.

It would be an honor for my team to earn your business. That said, the reason we ask for your current info is to know if we will be competitive and to value that which is most important to us both… time.

Our average client saves around $800. That is not a promise, but we do a very good job helping clients. Our goal is not to cut your price by giving you a lousy policy. We provide great advice and it takes time for my team to work up the info that protects you correctly. If we know you have an amazing rate, we will just provide some free advice and advise you to stay put. Crazy, right? But we care much more about honesty and trustworthiness than trying to make an extra dollar.

We have 15 major Auto/Home carriers in PA that will give you an awesome rate. If you are looking for an agency that will always seek to save you money while providing best-in-class advice, then we’d love to earn your trust. No worries either way. 

Medicare – Our free senior services help educate and make the Medicare enrollment process easy. We are appointed with most carriers for Supplements, Advantage, and Part D plans. We never give the hard sale. We have helped thousands of seniors save and get the best coverage. Never tackle this confusing process yourself when you can have our experts help you through the process for free. Most seniors are in a better place after they consult with us about Medicare.

Disability Insurance – Protect your most valuable asset: your ability to earn an income! Disability insurance pays when you miss work starting on day one for sickness. Low-cost and no medical exams. Quotes in 5 minutes.

Life Insurance – This should be a big wake up call to make sure your family and loved ones are protected. Virus numbers are still growing exponentially: >4 million people have been diagnosed, >250,000 dead, >50,000 still serious, >2 million active. Once diagnosed, it’s too late to get any coverage for anything. We are here to help before that happens. It’s our job to tell your family they are covered, and they don’t have to worry about finances. Don’t make it our job to tell them you were unable to protect them before the worst happened.

Employer Coverages – We can provide you with multiple quotes for General Liability, Business Owners Policy, Professional Liability, Workers Comp, Special Events Coverage, and Cyber Liability in about 10 minutes, issue the policy and provide financing. You can get coverage in about 30 minutes.

Annuities – Take your money from high risk investments to NO risk and get amazing returns. Tax benefits are unbelievable. No Fees. Access to your money. Learn more by calling our experts.

During this year’s enrollment, you have the opportunity to apply for these voluntary benefits. Watch a couple quick videos by clicking here to learn more.

Thank you to all that trust us to help, and for supporting your neighborhood small business.