Healthcare Open Enrollment is here!

Medicare Oct 15 – Dec 7

Marketplace Nov 1 – Dec 15

This year promises to be more confusing than any previous year. There are too many changes to note here but most people will see changes for next year and be paying more for several reasons.

Consumers who do not have an agent listed on their application will be on their own, to navigate all the changes. Do Not call in your own application or do it online by yourself this year. Call us and we will assign a licensed agent that will get you FREE personal professional help from our independent agency all year long. Completing your application with us can be completed correctly in a few easy minutes. This will not increase the price.

Blue Cross has new plan options for 2020. Last years most popular plan has a new Lite version that will save most members money, if they switch. We can make the switch for you with a 5 minute phone call. Members not receiving a subsidy will save money by purchasing through our agency because there are mirror plans that are less expensive by not purchasing through the marketplace.

There is a new carrier to our area “Oscar” with plans both on and off the marketplace. Their preferred hospital in this area is St. Mary’s and Penn. They offer FREE telemedicine.

Exciting News: We now offer less expensive Health Insurance plans that are now available for up to 12 months durations for people with no pre-existing conditions. The prices of these options are about 1/3 the price of traditional plans, so many people will save a lot of money next year with these options. There are low priced stand-alone Accident, Hospital Indemnity, and Cancer plans that will cover deductibles that are great add-on options.

New small employer plans are available with many enhancements from IBX for 2020 for groups of 2-50.

Large Employer penalties still apply for employers with 50 or more full-time employees. They still must offer Minimum Essential Coverage to at least 95% of full-time employees. The penalty for the 2020 tax year is $2,570 per full-time employee that is not offered coverage. If Minimum Value Coverage is not offered or it is not offered at the affordability level of 9.78%, and the employee receives a subsidy through the marketplace the penalty for 2020 tax year is $3,860 per full-time employee receiving a subsidy. ACA reporting to the IRS will continue to be required.

Medicare is going to be more confusing this year than ever. was revamped and calculating the best drug plan will be much more difficult. We have brought in extra trained help to help seniors figure out the best options for them this year during open enrollment. We have already helped hundreds of seniors and found that many seniors will save if they switch plans for 2020 and pay more if they stay on the current drug plan. Call us now because if you wait until after Dec 7 you will probably pay more and won’t be able to do anything about it.

There are great new 0 premium Advantage plans that include the drug plan.

Medicare Supplement Plans F and C are being discontinued as of Jan 1, 2020, so if you have these plans call us now to switch if you can. Switching can save you hundreds of dollars without reducing benefits noticeably.

We have a new HOME CARE policy that will pay up to $750/week for someone needing help in their home if requested by a MD. This is much less expensive than Long term care (which we also have) and has a nursing home option.

Bottom line – call and book your appt times now while you can still get FREE help from our licensed agents. Insurance Shops are independent brokers and almost all the options from all the companies are available through us with no hassle and no additional charge. We are your friendly local full-service insurance experts offering all insurance products through hundreds of companies that you know and love.

Insurance Shops was again named an Elite Marketplace Circle of Champions for 2019 and again named a Best of Bucks 2019.

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