For less than the cost of a cup of coffee daily, most of these people would not have to be begging for money to help the survivor’s family with the debt, mortgage, food, utilities, and the funeral itself. Life Insurance is for the survivor’s family – so they don’t have to beg for help. These fundraiser listings occur primarily because the deceased did not prepare for the inevitable. With COVID rates rising again and a 5% death rate, we have been consulting with many people on taking care of their family if they are not around to do it. As Brokers, we have access to coverage options from hundreds of insurance companies. We do not charge for our service. So, help us help those who do not help themselves by spreading the word that we can help. We prefer to deliver the news that loved ones will not have to worry about daily living expenses – rather than telling them to put a listing on GoFundMe to beg for help.

Every day, we consult with seniors and help them navigate the Medicare maze. With access to most available options, clients get the best plans for their needs at no additional cost. Why some people will not ask for help from a pro (at no additional cost), and then end up on subpar plans that ultimately cost thousands, bewilders us all the time. We can help fix these mistakes, but we cannot get back the lost money and aggravation that comes from people insisting on trying to do it all themselves. We are happy to help with all your insurance needs if you simply ask. We never try to hard SELL. We present the options, educate, and help in making the best decision for and with our clients. This offer is for every type of insurance: Health, Medicare, Business, Auto, Home, Life, Disability, Long Term Care, Annuities, Bonds, Workers Comp, General Liability, Business Owners Policies and Pet Insurance. We represent hundreds of companies at great rates.

If you lost your job during COVID-19 and are making less money, we can get you subsidies to help pay premiums. What are you waiting for? Find out now how much we can save you!