How to Prepare for Winter with Homeowners Insurance

Winter is around the corner, which means winter storms will be here soon. Snow may be beautiful and fun to play in, but snowstorms and ice storms can do serious damage to your home. Do you know how prepared are you for winter with homeowners insurance? Here is what you need to check in your home insurance policies to make sure you’re covered for winter.

Ways to prepare for winter with homeowners insurance

If your home gets damaged during a winter storm, you should make sure you’re prepared in the moment to make sure no one in your house gets hurt. Keep first aid kits on hand, and make sure you have lots of blankets, winter clothes, food, candles, and flashlights. If you have a fireplace, make sure you have wood nearby. Know where your shovel is in case your home gets damaged and snow and ice get inside.

You can also trim back tree branches or remove weak trees, keep your gutters clean to prevent ice from building up, salt your driveway and pathways to prevent slipping, and keep your house warm to prevent frozen pipes.

Falling trees

After you’re prepared in case of a winter emergency, these are the policies you need to check to make sure your home insurance is ready for winter. Heavy ice and wind can do a lot of damage to trees, and you should make sure that your insurance covers damage to your house (also make sure your car insurance covers falling trees). See what your insurance says about trees falling from your neighbors’ yards onto your home and what it says about your trees falling on a neighbor’s home.

Roof damage

Falling trees aren’t the only thing that can damage a house. Heavy ice or snow can pile up on your roof and cause leaks or a collapse. Make sure your insurance covers the damage to your home and your furnishings in case your roof gets damaged in a winter storm.

Frozen pipes

If the temperature outside is cold enough, your pipes could get damaged, even without a storm. Make sure your insurance covers water damage, and if you leave your home for a few days for the holidays, don’t turn your heat down too much to keep temperatures warm to prevent pipes from bursting.

Prepare your home insurance for winter

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