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Employee Management

New Hire Onboarding

HR can onboard employees faster and easier, giving employees a great first day without stacks of paperwork.  Create tasks in minutes and let employees breeze through onboarding without breaking a sweat.

HRIS Database

Get your employee data out of the filing cabinet and into a single, secure platform.  Then enjoy the benefits of accurate employee data, a powerful reporting engine, acknowledge HR and corporate policies and much more

Time-Off Tracking

Setting up and administering time-off packages has never been easier.  Configure a PTO package unique to your company and let your employees use their self service tool to request time off in a few clicks.

Benefits Management

Benefits Administration

Manage benefits with multiple class structures and payroll configurations, store and categorize HR documents, and follow simple Task Lists to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.  Your employees see it all in the palm of their hands by using the Mobile App from Apple and Android.

Online Enrollment

No more tracking down insurance applications or beneficiary forms.  With BenefitWRX, your employees get a simple modern enrollment experience without headaches.

HR & Benefit Communication

Customize your own benefits portal to announce special events and activities, present employee benefits and perks, including Total Compensation reports to showcase the value of the benefits you provide, and enable your employees to compare plans and determine eligibility for certain benefits.



We’l help take care of all things ACA, including ongoing tracking of variable hours and ALE calculations, 1094-C and 1095-C eligibility reporting with out easy-to-use ACA dashboard.

Safety & Training

Automate your safety and training tasks.  Employees can review OSHA videos or compliance documents, and HR can track their progress


Get employees up to speed quickly.  Collect EEOC information, emergency contacts, review Employer Manuals, track employee sign-offs, and more without breaking a a sweat.

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