Every salesperson runs into at least one of these five obstacles: no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, or no trust. These obstacles prevent many people from becoming their own worst enemy. We NEVER give people the hard sale. We tell it like it is and give expert advice, and people and companies are in a better place after they talk to us and get their options.

We help a lot of people find solutions to their insurance issues every week. Besides the traditional problems, here are some non-traditional issues we handled this past week.

  1. After doing a thorough evaluation three years ago, we had originally put the client on a Medicare supplement that had cost about $140/month, and had no cost for any medical bills. In December, he got a cold call from a telemarketer who convinced him to switch to an advantage plan to lower the monthly cost—and he blindly did it. After getting sick in January, he now has to pay thousands in medical bills and thousands more for medication because he is on the wrong plan for him. He can’t get back on the original plan, and will spend many thousands of dollars because of his mistake. Lesson: don’t ever buy from someone you don’t trust. Did we help? Yes, we did!
  2. A client’s father is in the hospital. He never needed insurance, so he never got it. He and his son will be responsible for paying thousands of dollars in medical bills. The son is directing the hospital to do testing, so the son can be responsible for a lot of the bills. Lesson: don’t ever be without coverage. We are all human, and not getting healthier and younger. Did we help? Yes, we did!
  3. A client is pregnant and due in June, and she doesn’t have any coverage. Lesson: pregnancy is considered a preexisting condition. Did we help? Yes, we did!
  4. A client lost their job and coverage, and had a surgery scheduled. They have many medical issues. Lesson: We can create a special enrollment period with a life change (married, divorced, widowed, separated, had baby, adopted baby, got out of jail, lost other coverage, moved, etc.). Did we help? Yes, we did!
  5. The client was notified by their insurance company of 25 years that they were dropping him for being in too many accidents! Lesson: You can be loyal to your company, but returned loyalty ends with a claim. Did we help? Yes, we did!
  6. The owner of a company with just over 50 employees was notified by the IRS that they would be penalized $3,000 per employee for not offering affordable ACA compliant coverage. Did we help? Yes, we did!
  7. A new partnership is looking for life insurance coverage for a buy/sell agreement, as well as a policy to protect the lender of the business. Did we help? Yes, we did!
  8. A doctor’s office is looking for workers’ comp and general liability for the new office. Also, their large life insurance policy was paid for with a loan, backed up by the policy, and paid for with the cost value of the policy. Did we help? Yes, we did!
  9. After reading our article last month, a client decided to have us review current coverage. It saved them $800 on home and auto for more coverage, including a new 1M umbrella policy. Then they mentioned Medicare, and we went on to save them $1,500 for the husband, and we helped the wife transition from a higher priced employer plan to Medicare—plus dental and vision! Lesson: Have a broker like us review your insurance policies. It’ll cost you nothing and the rewards can be great. Did we help? Yes, we did!
  10. A client’s child turned 16 and got a license—their insurance doubled. We ended up saving them over $5,000 on the insurance.
  11. A client cashed in everything from the stock market and purchased a fixed indexed annuity, so there’s no chance of further losses. They will receive a bonus, great guaranteed interest rate, tax-deferred growth, non-taxable income for beneficiaries, easy access, life income rider, and LTC benefits built in.

This list was just a sample of what we did last week, besides the usual help with normal insurance we do every day, such as: Medicare, marketplace plans, short term and union coverage, group plans, voluntary group benefits for companies, dental, vision, long term care, life, disability, auto, home, bonds, annuities, and business coverage.

Fun dental facts: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 31% of adults between ages 20-44 have untreated dental cavities. One out of every two American adults over 30 has periodontal disease.

We offer dental insurance from most companies and they offer two free cleanings a year. If you get your teeth cleaned twice a year, you will keep your teeth about 15 years longer than someone who doesn’t, and spend about $25,000 less over your lifetime on dental care. Remember: if you don’t take care of your teeth, no problem—they will simply go away.

We are here to help you! We do not charge you anything. We get paid by the insurance companies to help. Here’s our promise and mission: to help people get the correct coverage for their needs at the lowest price available. We have over 200 different companies available to us. We help people and companies every day find solutions to insurance problems. Let us help you!