This month I was going to talk about health insurance and what college bound students can do while away, but, unfortunately, I received a call this morning that a close friend was killed in a motorcycle accident last night. It was only a few months ago that he was telling me how much he enjoys riding, and I mentioned to him what a physician had told me about motorcycles when I was considering riding. The doctor used to work in the ER for a local hospital and said that the most horrific accident victims are those riding the motorcycles.  That’s why motorcycle insurance is so inexpensive when we bind insurance on this category of toys (cycles, quads, jet ski’s boats etc).  It’s because the insurance pays for the damage to the other guy and a motorcycle doesn’t cause much damage to the other guy. I find the same rule applies with most cars in that the larger the vehicle, the more damage it causes, and therefore the higher the insurance rates.

Every time something sudden like this happens, I want to scream to everyone at the top of my lungs about how important life insurance is.  It is so inexpensive when bought at a younger age and when you are healthier. There are so many options that can be built into it (long term care riders, living benefits, tax free income).  Life insurance is NOT for you, it is to protect your family from the unexpected. None of us are immune from death and the best gift you can give your family is comfort knowing that they will be taken care of.  I am reminded at this time that it is my job to make sure people have proper coverage and I do not want it to be my job to tell the family they didn’t.  It only takes us about 5 minutes to get quotes from multiple companies. Please, make sure your family is protected.

By the way we can help with insurance for the college bound kids also. Not only the health, but separately the renter’s coverage while they are away. I learned the hard way to get separate coverage for them while they are away.  Sure, they are covered by the homeowners, but any claims will have the homeowner’s deductible and count against the main policy. So, if a computer or phone is lost or stolen it doesn’t pay to put in a claim on the main policy, but it will on a separate renter’s policy.

Important information regarding your Medicare Supplement plan C and F.

Starting Jan 1 2020 these plans will no longer be available. If you have it already, you can stay on it. Prices of the C and F plans can rise by 300% or more over the next few years. This is the perfect time to come into Insurance Shops to review ALL your options and get the best plan for you moving forward.